PIITs internship @ MAXCONNECT

2019/08/07 導入企業ブログ

※日本語訳(by Yuka)は英文の後に続きます

My name is Adrian Lebo, I am a System Engineer at MAXCONNECT Co.,Ltd. Japan. I was tasked with being the senior programmer and mentor for the 2019 internship that Mr. Pilaniya and Mr. Sharma were a part of.

They say the first sentence of any written work is the most important, as it is used to convey your purpose and the idea used behind every word that follows it.

So, for my first real sentence is as follows.

Mentoring Mr. Pilaniya and Mr. Sharma has truly been one of my great joys in life. Not only have I seen them grow and develop into strong, more confident, and more mature programmers during their time here, but also into more confident adults.


From when they first arrived at the office here to finishing their introductions, they were exuding with youthful energy and full of smiles. They continued in this fashion through orientation and their project assignments. It was after this, when they were shown their workstations and I set off to work on my own duties that things changed.

Mr. Kimura the president of MAXCONNECT, Mr. Kurihara a Japanese programmer, and I had decided from the beginning that for the interns to truly integrate themselves into the company, they needed to be separated somewhat from me.

As they began to work on the project, there were many challenges they faced and weren’t prepared for. While both had development experience, they were both considered inexperienced for the scope of this project. Coupled with nervousness and a new environment very alien to them, this led to an ultimate hit to their confidence.

When speaking English with me, there were a few challenges to overcome, while we were speaking the same language there were small issues with accents, gestures, and grammar. However, my greatest challenge was with Mr. Pilaniya, in the beginning he spoke very silently; this paired with the three previously mentioned challenges made communication incredibly difficult with Mr. Pilaniya.

Instead of closing themselves off, trying to do everything alone, using their own resources, and not communicate with anyone in the company. This is where one of their many strengths truly shone, while they may not have been confident, both are not ashamed to admit when they have hit a dead-end or are struggling, instead they reached out to me and did so often. They used this not only for programming.

Once they began to open up, understand how to accomplish the project, get used to Japan and life here, and speak to their coworkers. Their confidence and smiles returned, with it all the challenges began to disappear, and we began to see truly what kind of incredible young men they are.

Despite their inability to speak Japanese, the interns still challenged and pushed themselves to communicate with the rest of the non-English speaking staff. While no doubt very nervous and perhaps even frustrated at times, both sides of the conversation were patient and attempted to understand each other as well as they could. This led to the interns ultimately forming very good relationships with everyone here at MAXCONNECT. So much, that almost everyone went along to see them off at Narita airport Saturday morning.

I would like to also speak about another strength that served them well here. They possess incredible curious minds and are also willing to admit when they don’t understand something.

Many foreigners come to Japan, especially Tokyo and stick to what they know, so they tend to only go to restaurants or stores they are familiar with or have their own language available as a form of communication. But Mr. Pilaniya and Mr. Sharma both always wanted to know more about Japan, the culture, language, food, and its people. They were unafraid to ask things about even simple things or questions that may have seemed dumb. Both are willing to challenge everything, even food within limits of course.

I truly believe that Mr. Pilaniya and Mr. Sharma took full advantage of their short time here, absorbing as much as they could, going out even after work and experiencing Japan.

They even gave their Farwell speech to us in Japanese.

I know I speak for everyone here when I say that we cannot wait for them to graduate and find their way back to MAXCONNECT. For me personally, I miss their company and seeing their faces every day. While they were only here for 2 months, through our countless conversations, not just about programming but also daily life and its challenges, we were able to form relationships that go beyond simply coworkers, but one closer to being friends.